FAQ: The Conflict Doctor answers questions you ask

Have you ever asked: “What could I have done differently?”

Conflict Managers speak of ‘hurting truces’, where the parties are so damaged that continuing the fight causes more pain than resolving it would. We speak of ‘ripeness’ to resolve conflict because the cost of conflict is greater than the benefit of resolution.

You’ve had the conflict; what’s your question about what to do better or differently next time?

Wouldn’t it be nice to manage conflict with less pain in the future? You can learn the lessons that conflict teaches you.

Ask me questions about how to do conflict better

Whether to prevent a conflict, manage your current conflict, or be prepared for the next conflict that will happen. I’ve worked for decades to help people develop their conflict competence.

While conflict teaches valuable lessons, not every life lesson is learned only through an awful experience.

Ask me how. Here’s a sample of some of the questions I answer:


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