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Category: Conflict Competence

Tips for Teaching Conflict Competence to Physically Distanced Children

A bored and lonely looking child picked berries one-by-one from my front hedge and mechanically ground each into the pile of snow I’d just swept from the public walk. In a ‘normal’ year, I might have given a short lesson about birds depending on berries in winter, or asked the child to not crush berry-stained snow into the sidewalk. One year into the pandemic, I let the small member of Generation COVID have that twenty minutes of entertainment. Conflict Competence for physically distanced children As I’m fond of saying, conflict… Read more Tips for Teaching Conflict Competence to Physically Distanced Children


Be more conflict competent, whether to prevent or manage a conflict, or prepare for the next conflict, even though emotions run high and feelings are hurt.

Rob Ford’s simple rules of leadership

Rob Ford, 1969-2016 I wrote a post nominating Rob Ford as a guru during the height of the wreckage he wrought at Toronto City Hall. Rob Ford’s leadership offers all kinds of lessons, so that post still applies, and I repost it now in his memory. Perhaps it applies south of the Canadian border as well, to another constituency of angry, alienated voters.