About me: Much of my career has been in conflict management and I still love the work. I started in Conflict Resolution, (let’s get this resolved). From there, I moved to Conflict Management, (let’s be more conflict competent now and the future). After that, I studied Conflict Analysis, to ask better questions about the heart of conflict, analyze earlier, and delve deeper.

Years of conflict competence training and professional development help me help my clients. The training helped me personally as well as professionally. Being conflict competent was a real benefit to get me through breast cancer, double mastectomy, chemo and radiation. (The double mastectomy was done twice – is that a quadruple?)

About this blog: I give tips on how you can do conflict better, answer your questions, write about life and stuff like, well, the joys of living without breasts, and such.

About my professional life: I’ve convened thousands of conflict processes, locally and internationally, taught conflict studies at universities and privately, and trained Boards of Directors in effective governance. My masters  degree is in environmental dispute resolution and my doctorate is in conflict analysis.

I’m active as a writer, researcher, trainer, coach, keynote speaker, and proponent of expanding the application of conflict management in innovative ways. An active volunteer, I served on the Boards of Directors of numerous environmental and peace organizations.

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