About me: Writing is my ninth full time career. Fortunately, I enjoy change and learning.

I teach and write about conflict, especially conflict analysis. Being conflict competent helped me get through breast cancer, double mastectomy, chemo and radiation. (The double mastectomy was done twice – is that a quadruple?)

About this blog: I give tips on how you can do conflict better, answer your questions, and  write about life.

About my professional life and education: For 30+ years, conflict has been my career and I still love the work. I started with a masters degree in environmental Dispute Resolution, (let’s get this resolved). From there, I moved to Conflict Management, (let’s be more conflict competent now and the future). For my doctorate, I studied Conflict Analysis, (let’s ask better questions about the heart of conflict, analyze earlier, and delve deeper). It’s been an evolution.

I’ve convened thousands of processes that expand conflict management in innovative ways, locally and internationally, have taught conflict studies at universities and privately, and trained Boards of Directors in effective governance.

I’m active as a writer, researcher, trainer, coach, and keynote speaker. In my volunteer time, I’ve served on the Boards of Directors of numerous environmental and peace organizations, and donate my services to lots of nonprofit agencies.

Share your thoughts, knowing this website stores submitted information although Deborah Sword doesn't access or use it for marketing, nor sell it to anyone who does.

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