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BOGO, would you like a double with that mastectomy?

I’ll negotiate anything: I tried to negotiate with Jeanie Kanashiro, the wonderful surgeon. I knew my right breast was as unhealthy as the left. Jeanie made a counter-offer. She’d take off the left breast 28 August, 2010. She’d amputate the right breast after I finished treatment in April, 2011. Deal? Call me in April, 2011, Jeanie said. In January 2011, I made an appointment for February. I was still in chemo but knew the date it would end. Jeanie’s secretary, Sherry, had to be sweet-talked into giving me that appointment. I won’t flatter it… Read more BOGO, would you like a double with that mastectomy?

High salaries don’t guarantee conflict competence

Even billion dollar deals can fall apart when the highly paid executives doing the negotiating get hurt feelings. Here’s a cautionary tale about the value of doing interest based negotiations, of managing your reactions to another person, and of understanding how to have difficult conversations. If ever you wondered about the importance of relationship building in the high stakes of big business, this is a classic case study: