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An Improbable Fairy Tale Of Alien Romance

This is a short story I wrote as a birthday gift for a dear friend. It’s a fun read, with a few conflict competence tips. Chapter One, Looking There was once a lovely planet with a magenta sky and cinnamon flavored water. Although the planet was small, it was possible to see it in the universe if you were in the right place at the right time and knew where to look. The people on the planet belonged to many different social groups that lived together in communities, getting along… Read more An Improbable Fairy Tale Of Alien Romance

What does it mean to be conflict ‘competent’

My motto, the tagline to this website and my Conflict Competence consultancy, is Doing Conflict Better. How do I define those words, especially ‘conflict’, ‘competent’, and ‘better’? I start with an assumption that most people want to be able to handle conflict situations, and that most people already have ideas and skills that allow them to function in conflicts. That’s where ‘better’ fits. No matter how good our ideas and skills, we can always get better: