The Cassandra File, opinion without impartiality

Conflict has so much influence in individual lives and collective societies, my writing speculates like Cassandra prophesied:

#4 The Cassandra File blog posts are my opinions. In this category, I take a stand without professional impartiality.

I named this category after Cassandra, a prophet who wasn’t believed, even though she was correct. In Greek myth, the god Apollo desired Cassandra. To woo her, Apollo gave her foresight into the future. Cassandra spurned him despite his great ‘gift’. In revenge for her refusal, Apollo cursed her that her prophecies, although always correct, would never be believed.

This category is based on Conflict Analysis, my special interest.

While I’m not correct like Cassandra, I enjoy speculating about how things are, how they got to be that way, and what should be done about them.



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