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Conflict Analysis of Theory of Mind

How do we know what another person intends? Theory of Mind is something most conflict resolvers know about while perhaps not knowing that it’s called Theory of Mind. It refers to how a person knows what someone else’s intentions are. This belief that we can know someone else’s private unspoken intention, and judge the intention as moral or immoral, is the basis for Theory of Mind research.

Pandemic panic conflict

Hospital administrators and public health officials have pandemic plans in place. While there may or may not be a deadly pandemic, climate changes will fast-track scary epidemics. It’s good to have emergency and contingency plans in place against pathogens. However, pandemic planning seems to predict that patients, families and loved ones will accept decisions about priority for treatment. If so, is this a reasonable expectation? It is foreseeable that not all people will do as they are told, especially when they are frightened and ill. Yet, almost no country, state,… Read more Pandemic panic conflict

Keeping girl babies alive is conflict prevention

Keeping girl babies alive is conflict prevention on a global scale It’s been known for years that there’s a massive disproportion of boy children now alive compared to living girl children in some countries. The preference for boy children – as heirs, as more economically advantageous, and as more socially desirable – has long put girl babies and female fetuses at risk. The trend continues, even among modern families. Preference for boys over girls has been deplored on the basis of law, morality, equal rights, human security and responsibility to… Read more Keeping girl babies alive is conflict prevention

Good Manners = Good Conflict Management

I hadn’t meant to be rude This week I was at a typical stand-with-a-glass-in-hand cocktail reception, standing in a group with a glass in my hand. Two women stood chatting very near me in the crowded room. One of the two held a book with a striking cover image. I love books so I must have stared, perhaps also interested in the title. The woman glanced at me, looked uncomfortable, and moved away.