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Category: Conflict in fiction and popular culture

Embracing breastlessness

It’s the fad title; The Year Of Living …. whatever, fill in the blank with your choice of taking a year of one’s life to live Simply, or Biblically etc. etc. etc. Having breasts amputated is rarely a first choice for dedicating a year. When homegrown breasts are gone, there’s three options: either they’re gone for good, or substituted with prosthetics or reconstructed surgically. My treatment over,  my choice among those three:

Relearning to be happy

Here’s what I discovered from what’s called the Cancer Journey; it can be a trip. A vicious cancer colonized me, doctors cut out my breasts and lymph nodes, poisoned me with chemo, and irradiated me. How can I reconstruct my life? I’m not delusional or trapped in the twin tyrannies known as positive thinking and good attitude. If there’s an upside to living breastlessly, I’m gonna find and write about it. Breastlessness isn’t all great, but some of it is.

Transforming Conflict Attitudes

On Sunday, a group of 25 senior citizens gathered to watch a 1934 movie about a family torn apart by conflict over 15 years. In summary, the conflict was between a mother, M, and her daughter-in-law, S. The rift got deeper and uglier, until M’s 13 year old grandson reached out to her and brought her together with his mother, S, and father we’ll call Y. My role at the gathering was to facilitate the post-movie discussion. We began by asking who in the audience blamed M, who blamed S, who… Read more Transforming Conflict Attitudes