Does conflict competence make a good story?

Seventeen years ago, I wrote a novel about a Conflict Manager. For the past sixteen years, I’ve been editing it. My interest is in Conflict Managers’ thought processes as we work. The draft title is Regret Served Hot and Cold. What do you think of that? One theme is the protagonist’s growth from regret to resilience.

We Conflict Management practitioners talk and write about many aspects of what goes on in the conflict processes we convene. We learn from that sharing, especially best practices, research and our experiences (without party details – keeping confidentiality foremost).

However, not much has been said about our in-the-moment thought and decision-making processes. Our love of analyzing conflict and how we manage it has not translated into writing about that moment of tension in which, with all parties’ eyes on us, we at the head of the table or room, decide what to say or do next.

My novel’s genre is unclear; I’m aiming for literary fiction in my highest aspiration and for just getting it published in my more realistic. If I ever get over this “editor’s block” the novel might get published. Stay tuned.