Four topics I write about

Conflict has so much influence in individual lives and collective societies, my scope is within four wide categories:

#1 Conflict Competence topics of Doing Conflict Better.

Conflict competence is a great life skill I’m delighted to use in the service of my clients and volunteer organizations. I also rely on those same conflict competencies when life tests me. Since everyone experiences conflict sometime, Doing Conflict Better is this category.

#2 Writing about how conflicts are depicted in fiction, nonfiction, popular culture, and current events.

In this category are my posts about life, using examples from others’ imagination and my own. Being conflict competent allowed me to deal with the wretchedness of quadruple (yes, four) mastectomies after I was diagnosed with a rare, potentially deadly form of breast cancer. Once treatment ended, in this category I post about conflict competence helping me find the joys of living breastlessly.

#3 The Conflict Doctor answers questions you ask, with T.I.P.s (Theory, Implementation, Practice) to prevent a conflict, manage your current conflict, or be prepared for the next conflict.

This category’s posts are my responses to your questions about conflict. I apply my doctorate in Conflict Analysis and Conflict Management to situations I’m posed in workshops I teach, or that are submitted online.

#4 The Cassandra Files are my opinions. In Greek myth, the god Apollo desired Cassandra. To woo her, Apollo gave her foresight into the future. Cassandra spurned him. In revenge for her refusal, Apollo cursed her. Thereafter, her prophecies were always correct and never believed. In this category, I take a stand without professional impartiality.

I named this category after Cassandra, a prophet who wasn’t believed, even though she was correct. While I’m not correct like her, I enjoy speculating about how things are, how they got to be that way, and what should be done about them. This category is based on Conflict Analysis, my special interest.

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