Conflict is the heart of any story, whether it’s classics, literary novels, light reading, movies, or TV shows – or real life. Stories demonstrate our conflict competence  and conflict incompetence. So, I use popular culture in my examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly of managing conflict. Fiction is a safe place to figure out what we do or don’t want in our own lives and relationships.

Fiction about conflict management, I was told often, won’t sell. Conflict sells. Incompetence sells. Inadequate interpersonal relationships sells. Managing conflict with skill – big yawn.

What to do with my protagonist who is a Conflict Manager and very good at her job? I don’t get writer’s block; I have editing block. Now, after editing my completed novel for over 16 years, I think I’ve solved the issue and have an answer for the critics who said managing conflict can’t be interesting.

And, if I ever get over my “editor’s block” my finished novel might get published. Stay tuned.

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