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Welcome to my posts about various aspects of conflict and the skills of being conflict competent. Navigate to topics of interest using this list of titles.

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  1. Role of power in apologies                                                              19-Aug-17
  2. Does Conflict Competence make a good story?                          14-Aug-2017
  3. 10 TIPs on becoming a Conflict Manager                                    14-Aug-2017
  4. 4 categories of post topics                                                               31-Jul-2017
  5. Writing conflict competence in fiction                                         26-Jul-2017
  6. Will practice make up for lack of talent?                                     27-Jun-2017
  7. Do Conflict Better                                                                             26-Jun-2017
  8. Kindness is my Kryptonite                                                              09-Nov-2016
  9. The power of pessimism                                                                  06-Nov-2016
  10.  Does regret deserve another chance?                                           10-Dec-2015
  11. 3 questions better than ‘why me’                                                    20-Oct-2015
  12. How did national elections descend into reality TV show?       07-Oct-2015
  13. Get over it or get past it (or both)                                                   17-Feb-2015
  14. Is peace the reward for patience?                                                   24-Dec-2014
  15. Trust the tail, the truth is there                                                       23-Jul-2014
  16. I got news that trumped Fear with Optimism                              31-May-2014
  17. Escaped from Death again, now exploring life’s purpose          30-Mar-2014
  18. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s simple rules of love and loyalty      15-Feb-2014
  19. Bogart’s Rick in Casablanca: an optimist or pessimist?              13-Jan-2014
  20. How to change other peoples’ conflict behaviour                         18-Oct-2015
  21. Four tips to improve conflict competence                                      16-Jan-2015
  22. A conflict analysis of ‘why’                                                                 20-Apr-2014
  23. The mind of a mediator: my novel in progress                              03-Dec-2013
  24. Changing piece of mind to peace of mind                                      08-Nov-2013
  25. Resilience after a quadruple mastectomy (yup, 4 of ‘em)           30-Sep-2013
  26. The secret for recovery from post change syndrome                   21-Aug-2013
  27. My medical choice was different than Angelina Jolie’s              21-Jul-2013
  28. Restitution for Chemo’s Criminal Tendencies                             06-Jul-2013
  29. 4 days after the Calgary flood                                                         25-Jun-2013
  30. Conflict analysis of Dialogue                                                          09-Jun-2013
  31. An improbable fairy tale of alien romance                                 02-May-2013
  32. Mentors light my path like lanterns                                             25-Apr-2013
  33. How can we make the choices better?                                         31-Mar-2013
  34. Conflicts and health are frozen accidents                                   16-Mar-2013
  35. Two and counting                                                                            12-Mar-2013
  36. Political statement one beauty product at a time                     05-Mar-2013
  37. Role play a sustainability conflict                                                03-Mar-2013
  38. Ali and Nino; restore honour without killing                            01Mar-2013
  39. Worlds in our words                                                                       23-Dec-2012
  40. Passing the regret test                                                                     20-Dec-2012
  41. Breastless love, the man who stayed with the ‘sick’ woman   14-Dec-2012
  42. Stand up to what bullies you                                                         04-Dec-2012
  43. My body reminds me of Poland                                                    28-Nov-2012
  44. Cancer’s a game changer, but I’ve still got game                       26-Nov-2012
  45. Laughter – best medicine or defense mechanism?                   24-Nov-2012
  46. Remission’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose             23-Nov-2012
  47. Advantages of chemo brain fog                                                    18-Nov-2012
  48. Top 10 list from canoe trip with breast cancer                          16-Nov-2012
  49.  Good news honey – I have breast cancer, we can get a dog  15-Nov-2012
  50. A bride in palliative care is a model of hope                             11-Nov-2012
  51. Chemo brain                                                                                    09-Nov-2012
  52. Would you like a double with that mastectomy?                     08-Nov-2012
  53. Flat is beautiful                                                                               07-Nov-2012
  54. Yes I can handle the truth, I’m a conflict manager                  06-Nov-2012
  55. Breaking the news I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer         05-Nov-2012
  56. Bests of breastlessness                                                                   04-Nov-2012
  57. Embracing breastlessness                                                             03-Nov-2012
  58. Relearning to be happy                                                                  02-Nov-2012
  59. Welcome: Breastlessness made easy                                           02-Nov-2012
  60. Professionalization of Conflict Resolvers                                   08-Aug-2012
  61. Conflict management helps reduce stress                                  12-Dec-2011
  62. Metaphors for conflict competence                                              09-Sep-2011
  63. Short term success or long term conflict management?          07-Jul-2011
  64. A conflict analysis of anger                                                             05-May-2011
  65. High salaries don’t guarantee conflict competence                    01-Jan-2011
  66. Hollywood can teach about conflict management                     17-Nov-2010
  67. Relationships matter as much as technology                              22-Oct-2010
  68. TIPs to improve work relationships                                              22-Aug-2010
  69. Conflicts from confused roles and responsibilities                    26-Jul-2010
  70. Being difficult and being yourself                                                 29-May-2010
  71. Conflict Analysis of Theory of Mind                                             25-Apr-010
  72. Conflict Management Myths                                                         22-Mar-2010
  73. What does it mean to be conflict ‘competent’                            21-Feb-2010
  74. Conflict management and storytelling                                         26-Jan-2010
  75. Conflict management lessons from President Obama             06-Jan-2010
  76. Blind Spot analysis                                                                          28-Nov-2009
  77. Pandemic panic conflict                                                                 01-Nov-2009
  78. Apologies have a role in conflict management                          31-Aug-2009
  79. Disappointed Expectations are a Source of Conflict                31-Jul-2009
  80. Lesson on Conflict from the Galapagos Islands                        30-Jun-2009
  81. Keeping girl babies alive is conflict prevention                         30-Jun-2009
  82. Good Manners = Good Conflict Management                           07-May-2009
  83. Conflicts when the goals are the same                                        29-Apr-2009
  84. Positive behavior models at work                                                20-Apr-2009
  85. You don’t need permission to change a conflict                       23-Mar-2009
  86. Conflict is a Relationship                                                               15-Mar-2009
  87. It Depends: Finding balance in conflict                                     31-Jan-2009
  88. Transforming Conflict Attitudes                                                  31-Dec-2008


Don’t you hate it when the computer eats your posts? I sure do. The list below is posts I wrote before upgrades to my site downgraded them into oblivion. I can recreate some of them and would happily try if you ask.

Personal Decisions Create Peace Apr4, 2008
Dissent is okay Apr 6, 2008
Conflict Life Cycles Jun 16, 2008
Travel for dialogue while we still can Jul 1, 2008
Conflict Mental Maps 1 Jul 25, 2008
Managing Conflict Reduces Stress Aug 2, 2008
Problem solving for success Aug 8, 2008
Interpretation and Conflict Competence Sep 21, 2008 = conflict incompetence Sep 22, 2008
Deliberative Democracy – talking about difficult public issues Sep 29, 2008
Conflict Patterns Oct 19, 2008
Interconnecting Peace, Environment, Safety Health Oct 19, 2008
Talking with the enemy Nov 16, 2008
Perfect Storm, Perfect Opportunity Nov 25, 2008


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